Some Clips from the 2016 KC Fringe Festival

Story of the Century is set in Pittsburg Texas in 1902. The link below opens a You Tube video of the end of the

opening number. The number has already introduced several main characters and in the video clip the

community of Pittsburg Texas shares their excitement about the brand new twentieth century.

The link below opens a video showing Rev Burrell Cannon, the inventor of the Ezekiel Airship, as he

addresses the congregation of John the Baptist Baptist Church in Pittsburg TX. Reverend Cannon tells the

congregation about the moment he had the vision of how to build and fly the Ezekiel Airship. The video

jumps ahead to the congregation’s excitement about flying “on the wings of Ezekiel.”

In this video, Paul Thorsell laments the cost of the Ezekiel Airship that’s being built in Paul’s Foundry. He

is also the principle investor in the Ezekiel Airship Manufacturing Company. Pittsburg Gazette reporter,

Elmer Baker, has just asked Paul why he has so many bills and Paul “enumerates” some items Reverend

Cannon has requested, up to and including “a brand new foundry door!” Paul concludes that “the sky’s’ the

limit” with Rev Cannon’s expectations.

The link below samples the finale of the musical, “A Hundred Years from Now” in which the community

has begun to recover from their disappointment and bitterness after the Ezekiel Airship was destroyed. All

the characters from Pittsburg, Texas in 1902 imagine the wonderful new world that will evolve over the rest

of the “brand new 20th century.”

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