Story of the Century takes flight!

The Ezekiel Airship is the heart of Story of the Century. But how do you bring a full-size flying machine to the stage on a limited budget? ThereĀ is only one photo that exists of the Ezekiel Airship.


From that photo, an image for the stock certificate was interpreted.

airship only

While the original flying machine is lost to time, there is a full-size replica at the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Center and Museum.


For logistical purposes, we quickly realized that we would have to size theĀ  airship WAY down in order to use it on stage. So we decided that a small-size model would work best. David’s brother, Ted Hill, is an aeronautic engineer and wood shop hobbyist. He took on the complicated task of creating a meticulous recreation of the airship, at a more manageable 36″ wide size.

EZ Ted

The model is a WONDER of detail, down to the little man that pilots inside!

In order to protect this prized creation, David’s daughter, Erin Hill, created a rougher, more durable version to be used on stage.

Some great shots of our rehearsals and show.


We still like to dream of the day when a full-size replica could be created and we will see Reverend Cannon’s vision take flight again!

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